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2019-10-17, 11:53

Smart lights can make your home safer

”If you prefer the leave-the-lights-on-24/7 technique, or if you rely on old-fashioned timers with fixed schedules, well, we have grim news: You’re doing it wrong. As NPR has reported, that can actually attract attention from burglars.

Smart lighting, however, turns something as simple and boring as a light bulb into a high-tech perimeter warning, and unlike a guard dog, it doesn’t shed. Smart lights outshine non-smart fixes like timers because they’re vastly easier to control, and they allow you to set them to better mimic the way a home’s occupants actually use lights (instead of on a predictable schedule).”

In Philips Hue, one of the more popular smart home systems, there are downloadable schedules you can use when you are away and that introduces randomness into your regular lighting schedules. They make it nearly impossible for burglars to use your lights to detect if you are home or away.

» Smart Lights Enhance Home Security and Shine a Light on Crime - The New York Times

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