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2020-03-18, 10:27

Garmin Bike Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor 2

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Since my gym is closed I decided to make a goal to use my road bike on an indoor trainer. One problem that I run into when using my bike indoors is that it is SO boring. 

I have always wanted to try to use a virtual training app while I ride but I don't have an expensive smart trainer that my bike hooks up to, I just have a regular one. A smart trainer has bluetooth and Ant+, which allows for one to connect to a virtual training app. You would be able to pick a training course and the app would control the resistance and it would track your speed and cadence.

 I also do not have a smart bike computer, which normally cost 300 euros. A smart bike computer could connect to a virtual training up in a similar way, except that it wouldn't be able to control your trainer's resistance. 

Since I have a Vivoactive 3 Garmin watch, I decided to buy the Garmin Speed Sensor and Cadence Sensor 2. It costs about 75 euros, which is a lot cheaper than buying a smart bike computer. Now, I get to use my watch as my bike computer. 

These two attachments get hooked onto the back wheel and left crank. They have bluetooth and Ant+, which sends my speed and cadence information to my watch and my Garmin connect app. 

I haven't used a virtual training app yet. But I plan on trying out Rouvy, which offers real life augmented training routes.

2020-03-18, 10:36

Having the watch you already own do the training computations sounds like a good way to go. What is it that Rouvy does? Does it show you a virtual road on the phone or iPad screen? Does it affect the bike or trainer in any way? Is there a connection between your pedaling and what the app does?

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

2020-03-18, 10:44

I dont have a smart bike trainer so it doesn’t affect the bike resistance. You would have to change the resistance manually through shifting gears. But virtual training apps show an augmented road route and training guide and you can even ride near other virtual riders. If you have friends that also use the same app, then you can ride with them virtually. These sensors just show how fast you are riding to the app. You need a smart speed sensor and a smart cadence sensor to use virtual training apps.

2020-03-18, 10:53

Aha, thanks!

Best regards, Niklas 🎈

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