Upgrade your headphones with ear pad covers

2018-11-01 13:44 #0 by: Niklas

If, like me, you have over ear headphones, you way have experienced that, after hours of wearing them, you get sweaty around your ears. For long, I thought I was alone with this experience, so I planned to sew a pair of fabric covers to put on the ear pads.

Then I decided I would make a search to see if this problem had been mentioned somewhere. It turned out that, not only had it been mentioned, but this was actually a market. Companies sell headphone covers. I choose a pair for a little over 10 USD on Amazon. They were marketed as stretchy, germproof, deodorizing, sweat absorbing and washable. According to the seller they shouldn’t block any of the sound. Seemed good. Are good! They have made a big difference. Since I started using them I haven’t experienced any problems. They even make the headphones more comfortable to wear.

If you are getting moist around your ears while wearing headphones, get a pair of ear pad covers for your headphones. The ones I bought are very stretchy so they probably fit most over the ear and on the ear headphones.

» Bingle Super Stretch Headphone Covers

2018-11-02 02:14 #1 by: Tammie

What a great idea!

Happy creating!


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