Linux - What's your favourite distro?

2019-01-15 13:55 #0 by: Max

Though when I was using Macs back in the late 80s and until about 2002, I enjoyed them, I gave up on Apple mostly for "philosophical" reasons.  I don't appreciate their our way or no way type attitude and habit of extorting their user base through overpriced proprietary connections etc.

For many years now I have dual booted with Windows and Linux.  Generally returning to Windows to use programs with rather uninspiring analogues in Linux then giving Linux another try.  For what its  worth I much prefer Linux as an OS but I enjoy the wide selection of other programs designed to work on windows. In terms of flavours, I'm not a Linux expert by any means so have tended to stick with Ubuntu or Mint.  

What has your experience with Linux been?

2019-01-15 21:02 #1 by: Leia

I have never used Linux, I had always grown up with Windows but when I came to uni I was awarded a MacBook Air. I was forced the make switch and it took me a good week or two to adjust, but I have since been awarded an iPad and I invested into an iPhone too. I do really love how integrated all my devices are now and if I confused about the system I just google it and I soon learn. 

However, I do agree that Apple is overpriced, I would have never bought their products on my own accord if it wasn't for my university. 

All the best, Leia

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2019-01-16 02:16 #2 by: Max

Technically and conceptually Windows is a poor OS, it's just we have been trapped in it for 25 years because of the network effect of having a massive installed base. Up till around 5 years ago Linux was frustrating as you would set it up and there woukd always be some piece of key hardware lacking drivers or some reason that would require hours on discussion groups figuring a solution. I think by now at least for the popular mainstream flavours things more or less just work. But there is a learning curve people have to get to to install it and figure how everything works. Once you are over that it is a pleasure to use and configure to your satisfaction, but many of the open source alternatives for proprietary software are just bit as polished and the Linux versions of things like Skype are usually a year or two out of date.

The fragmentation of Linux into so many different flavours and forks means that the community support is much more fragmented than it needs to be.

2019-01-16 10:06 #3 by: Niklas

I don't think I’ve used Linux since the 90s, except for on web servers. Red Hat was the first one I used, and the only one whose name I remember. Looking through a list of current distributions, Ubuntu and openSUSE are the only ones I recognize. 🙂 Nowadays I only use iOS.

2019-01-16 10:31 #4 by: Max

Few people will want to run Linux if they have signed up to the iOS environment which works pretty efficiently.


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